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- David Cronenberg

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November 24, 2008

Actresses: Patricia Barrington

Patricia BarringtonPatricia Barrington, aka Camille Grant or Vivian Gregg, born 1941, was an extremely physically gifted actress who appeared in Russ Meyer's radioactive ode to big bosoms Mondo Topless (1961), back-alley Bunuel production of Harry Novak's Agony of Love (1966), and as a hypnotized red head in Ed Wood Jr.'s titular and over-rated production of Orgy of the Dead (1965).

Her natural talents aside, Patricia was an engaging actress whose wild performances in (Rostler's) dream sequences and running frantically to her death (in a giant fright wig) down the dark New York streets in grainy black and white were brighter spots in the usually lackluster trashcore genre.

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