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- David Cronenberg

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May 13, 2010

Flicks: Robot Monster (1953)

Stick with me, human female - I am gonna be huge.

Robot Monster: diving helmet Enthusiast, Tyrant or misunderstood Ladies Ro-Man?

The film, sent up properly in the MST3K ep 107, was originally taglined with "Horror So Incredible It Stretches The Mind Of Man Beyond The Breaking Point!" but was still shot in just four days in an abandoned back lot as kiddie matinee fare for $16,000 Earth dollars*.

This film pits a "Ro-man" (one big ass, yet sincerely well spoken space gorilla) vs. the last 8 Hu-mans left on planet Earth after the decimation of the Cal-cinator changes the planet into smog choked, earthquake plagued, uninhabitable urban blight. The "epic picture" stretches more than the average person's patience for fraying gorilla suits and diving helmets. A classic for the ages!

* = According to Wikipedia, the film, in spite of it's unbelievably bad special effects (including a "Billion Bubble Machine") Robot Monster made a cool million at the box office in 1953 but nearly drove it's director, Phil Tucker, to suicide.

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