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March 17, 2010

Flicks: Troll (1986)

Torok has a wee bit of a green thumb don't ya know.

Torok the Troll demands your vote for building Super!

Torok the Troll hates the city of Chicago. Who can really blame him for it? Even trolls got standards, see? Torok, awful upset about all the urban blight and vapid yuppies in the Windy City, makes it his own personal mission to adopt an aggressively eco-friendly Green domestic policy. Torok goes about transforming the residents of a scummy Chicago apartment building into an assortment of mythological entities while merrily greening up the joint. Torok has a bit of a green thumb dontcha know.

Julia Louise-Dreyfus in Troll (1986)

Julia Louise-Dreyfus works the druish shiksa angle pretty hard in Troll (1986).

As the movie progresses, it becomes painfully clear that Sonny Bono, June "Lassie" Lockhart or Michael Moriarty are not what you would call "good actors". They spend 90 minutes hamming it up in this John Carl Buechler pic (pronounced Beekler, director of Ghoulies 3). Buechler is widely known for his films that feature great practical effects and truly awfull scripts. Yet, in true Hollywood fashion, two sequels were made entitled Troll 2 (1990) and Troll 3: The Crawlers (1993) in which Torok's people pursue ever harsher implementation of Green politics and misanthropic shenanigans.

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