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August 11, 2010

Flicks: Undead Or Alive (2007)

Brian Posehn guest stars in Undead Or Alive (2007)
Well, we always knew it would come this, Cletus. Tell our Ma I died eatin' brains.

The Sleaze-A-Saurus's monthly dispatch is being phoned-in and on the run - due to harsh and unforeseen circumstances. It seems a rampaging Gargo has run amok after being released by a frenzied mob! Imagine the sheer indignity of subduing Lurch Munster's slightly dumber Doppelganger, going on the lam - and then still writing film reviews...witness the shocking depths I crawl for you meatbags!

Nonetheless, our film today is an unlikely combination of Cowboys and Zombies set in the wild Wild West. Undead or Alive stars Chris Kattan (yes that Chris Kattan) and James Denton (Desperate Housewives) and features the mouth-watering Navi Rawat (The O.C. and Numb3rs). The cast spends an hour and a half blastin' the ever-lovin' tarnation outta legions of blistery, green-faced "Geronimos" while attempting to make a few wise cracks.

Navi Rawat stars in Undead Or Alive (2007)
Wild West gals were really vixens with come-hither stares and hour-glass figures. Really.

These tumble-weed blown zombies, created by the curse an evil medicine man (um..Geronimo hiself?) they just can't sit still. They chase our trio of heroes from frontier boom town to dry gulches to a Union fort. Although the script and performances are shakier than a rummie's constitution at daybreak, the production values are indeed very high for a modern B-movie. The production crew has to be commended for their impressive attention to detail in the sets and shots.

If there was a rating system here at the Sleaze Blender, I'd give Undead or Alive Two And Half skulls outta Four. Now, The Sleaze-A-Saurus is laying plans to re-seize his dungeon to scoop up manling flesh and, this time, reinforce the portcullis. So long from deep on the dusty trail, meatbags!

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