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September 12, 2010

Flicks: Trip With The Teacher (1975)

Visit scenic Rape Mountain - located just outside Assault With A Deadly Weapon Valley.
Even in 1975, the irony of this title was not always lost the stoner crowd.

Trip With Teacher (aka Deadly Field Trip) is Helter Skelter meets The Hills Have Eyes shot on a shoe string budget by Earl Barton. The 1975 rape-revenge film stars Zalman King as the main heavy Al the Biker. In another two decades, the same Zalman King would direct The Red Shoe Diaries (1992) and become a millionaire after adapting the film into a softcore simul-sex cable television series. However, in the post-Summer of Love year of 1975, Zalman King was a struggling nobody cast as a sweaty, begoggled biker and part-time Rapist.

Zalman King ponders the myriad merits of gals in short shorts.
OK, my motivation is: I haven't had an acting gig since 1963? Got it!

Trip With Teacher features four teen-age students and their big-legged teacher encountering crazed motorcycle thugs in the Rape Mountain Range of Western Utah. After dispatching the sole male of the group zaniness ensues as the females are preyed upon in a remote cabin.

Oh Doris, Rape Mountain is only a name!
The most creative split-screen? Shot was in a 1975 b-movie of course ...

Never fear ye restless manlings, for, after aun unlikely change of heart among one of the rapacious bikers the remaining females are eventually rescued. At the end of the picture there are toothy smiles all around and a lesson well learned: never ask anyone who owns a secluded cabin up on Rape Mountain for a lift anywhere!

One skull outta a possible four.

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