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October 1, 2010

Flicks: Quarantine (2008)

Jennifer Carpenter as Angela Vidal in Quarantine (2008).

Angela Vidal (Jennifer Carpenter) finds a story that wants to sink it's teeth into her.

What begins as a regular type of a day for a t.v. news crew turns into a real trip as the unsuspecting news crew and the residents of a downtown L.A. apartment building get turned into Alpo in Quarantine (2008). The movie is shot in a continuous first-person POV shot/Blair Witch style and told from the perspective of the camera man's camera.

The Quarantine screenplay (written by director John Dowdle and brother Drew Dowdle) was adapted from an experimental 2007 Spanish horror film called REC. REC was originally written by Jaume Balagueró, Luis Berdejo and Paco Plaza and features much of the same plot points. In the U.S. version, after a sluggush start, the remake begins to pick up a furious momentum thanks to good writing and good casting.

This is exactly why you are in the middle of a 18 year time-out, Junior.

Rabid children make for rather unpleasant house guests dontcha know.

Lead actress Angela Vidal (Jennifer Carpenter) and nearly every actor in the film are "character actors" yet each one brings to bear a wide range of experience including the Russian super, Rade Serbedzija (Snatch and Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels). The film has a lot of solid things going for it by using police, firefighters and regular people as characters in a tight spot.For Quarantine, all said: three manling skulls outta a possible four manling skulls.

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