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May 14, 2011

Flicks: Cannibal Girls (1973)

Jeepers! Like, what's eating you, Barbara?

American International's[0] Cannibal Girls was Ivan Reitman's (Ghostbusters, Animal House) first feature film. It also features Eugene Levy (SCTV and American Pie) as potential lunch for a bevy of curvy young cannibals. The movie was shot in 1973, in rural areas surrounding Toronto, Ontario. Oh, did I mention that it was made with a low, low budget ($12,000 large in Canadian Dollars according to Schlockmania.com) and most of the dialogue was improvised? Score!

ome to think of it, Barbara - this is a strange way to taste wine!
Who knew the key to a healthy diet was plenty of gratuitous nudity? The Sleaze-A-Saurus, that's who.

In the picture, three young women are led by a smooth talkin' Reverend whose slick sermons usually concern the many merits of cannibalism. They encounter the wandering freaknik Eugene Levy and his lovely gal pal Gloria. The two try to stay off the dinner menu for the next 84 minutes. A lotta boobs, sudden moments of gore and a genuine creepiness pervade the film which debuted at South by Southwest in 1973.

[0] = American International was an infamous B-movie distributor from 1956 to 1980. AI specialized in low budget horror, double features and exploitation releases. A short list of AI releases include: Reform School Girls (1957), Roger Corman's The Raven (1963), Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965) and The Amityville Horror (1979).

More about AI co-founder Samuel Arkoff's "secret formula" at the Wikipedia Article.

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