"I think of horror films as art, as films of confrontation."

- David Cronenberg

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July 3, 2011

Sites: Retro Slashers

Retro Slashers
Every infamous Hollywood villain BUT the Sleaze-A-Saurus? The sheer nerve of these arrogant manlings!

A really, rea-a-lly good site for all things Krueger, Kruug, Leatherface, Vorhees and many more obscure-o cinematic slashers can be found at Retro Slashers. A team of writers and designers have put together an exhaustive database of horror, giallo, zombie, andmaniac films (w/collectibles!) as a top shelf resource for all fans of gore and splatter movies.

Jason vs Leatherface #1Jason vs Leatherface #2Jason vs Leatherface #3
In Jason vs. Leatherface - everyone is the winner. Click the image above for the large version or below for the book at Amazon.

Where else can a poor ol' gorehound find Simon Bisley's elusive Jason vs Leatherface comic that went of print in 1995? The three-parter is there, alright.

Comic Vine, Jason Vs. Leatherface
Dork Sights.com, Retro-Activity
Fright At First Sight, Child's Play 2 Comics

Jason vs. Leatherface is available at:
Jason vs. Leatherface on Amazon

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