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August 2, 2011

Flicks: Bong Of The Dead (2009)

Genre confusion reigns supreme as Dazed and Confused meets The Evil Dead.

Genre confusion reigns supreme in red showers of zomboid blood as Weedsploitation (Super High Me, Dazed And Confused, Cheech and Chong, Half-Baked) meets survival horror (Resident Evil, Night Of The Living Dead) in Bong Of The Dead (2009). Thomas Newman's British Columbia based Mind In Motion Inc.'s terrific short concerns two post-Apocalyptic stoners and their desperate search for the most excellent weed fertilizer known to man: rotting zombie brains. What else, eh?

Along the way the two hapless and frantically jonesin' hipsters meet up with the spunky and adorable Simone Bailey (Battle Star Gallactica and Stargate SG-1) and set out to the Danger Zone to harvest a bongload of brains.

This inventive cliche exploiting movie is being actively marketed and distributed in 2011 w/a grass roots campaign that allows individual theaters, galleries and night clubs to book the film!

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