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- David Cronenberg

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October 20, 2012

Flicks: The Tunnel (2011)

The Australian Blair Witch pseudo-doc features some extremely scary scenes.

Tangles: The Motion Picture, also known as The Tunnel (2011), directed by Carlo Ledesma and made for $135,000 Aussie Dollars ($36,000 of which was crowd funded), is a very scary, very well-produced pseudo-doc/horror film shot in Sydney in 2010.

In the tradition of Blair Witch, REC and Paranormal Activity a news crew travels to a forbidden area of the world in order to document some extremely strange goings-on. In this case an underground tunnel system beneath the city that holds a dark secret.

As the group explores the lightless, subterranean world with only two cameras and a few flashlights the news crew inexplicably loses the sound man, James 'Tangles' Williams. After they lose Tangles they all panic, run and go screaming his name like a lost pet for the next 20 minutes. As the group goes deeper and deeper into abandoned tunnel system they lose most of their equipment, lights included, and are hunted from the shadows by a growling, moaning humanoid creature - a lanky, hyper-quick C.H.U.D. with an axe to grind against the world above.

Shortly after finding a bloody chair slathered in fresh blood (presumably Tangles), an oozing pile of eyeballs, watching the humanoid break a guard's neck like a dry chicken bone in a lake of darkness - all through the eerie green night vision lens of a commercial grade camera the group struggles back to the surface.

A well made horror film with genuinely spooky turns. Probably the first of many from this production crew. The Sleaze-A-Saurus gives it 4 out of 4 "screaming skulls".

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