"I think of horror films as art, as films of confrontation."

- David Cronenberg

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October 23, 2009

Collections: Monster Magazines

Monster movie magazines like Famous Monsters of Filmland started in 1958 by the late, great Forrest J. Ackerman and glossier publications like Fangoria and their more obscure counterparts like Cult Films add insight into horror films by examining the factors that make these bone-chilling classics so appealing.
Generation after generation of gorehounds continually re-discover the best and worst of grindcore by delving into the lives of the characters, actors, writers and producers of these classic films.
Famous Monsters of Filmland #135Famous Monsters of Filmland #114
The Dark Side #1The Dark Side #2
Cult Films #10Cult Films #12
Cult Films #13Cult Films #14
Cult Films #15Daring Films #2
Deranged Films #2Draculina #4
The Official: Famous Monsters of Filmland
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