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January 14, 2010

Flicks: Rope (1948)

Rope (1948)
Say Farley, what's with that strangled expression?

Rope (1948), a 70 year old movie that is definitive of "psychological thriller", was directed by none other than Alfred Hitchcock, with the screenplay by Arthur Laurents, actor Hume Cronyn, and Ben Hecht. Based on the play "Rope's End" by Patrick Hamilton Rope the movie stars James Stewart, John Dall as Brandon, and Farley Granger as Phillip - released by Warner Brothers in August of 1948.

Hitchcock's use of the illusion of one continuous shot to tell the story made film history by telling the electrifying story of a thrill-kill murder and the clues that eventually point to the guilt of the young murderers.

Rope (1948)
Boys! Now, when I said dinner was on me - I didn't mean literally.

Rope is a suspense film that runs like a stage-to-screen script from David Mamet who adapted Thomas Harris's Hannibal and wrote Wag The Dog. Rope is the first of Hitchcock's color (Technicolor) films and is notable for taking place in real time. Rope made $1.5 million bucks for a post-war WB Pictures when movie tickets were 5 cents apiece.

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