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October 4, 2010

Flicks: Satan's Baby Doll (1982)

The first film on the Blender to receive Zero stars!

Italian softcore director Mario Bianchi’s 1982 pseudo-sleazefest (aka La Bimba Di Satana or A Girl For Satan) was shot as a hardcore film and released in two re-cut versions in the U.S. One of these cuts is an unassuming little B-movie about exorcism and the other is a porno starring the Devil.

Both cuts feature Marina Hedman. Hedman, not the most comely vixen to ever grave the silver screen, started out in the Italian film business in La Pretora (My Sister In Law) staring the heavenly Edwige Fenech in 1976 and end up working her way up to co-star with a secretly HIV positive John Holmes in his last film The Devil In Mr. Holmes in 1987.[0]

Re-released in May of 2010 on DVD by Shameless Films Satan's Baby Doll is a pretty lifeless 90 minutes with occult themes and a wandering storyline. Satan's Baby Doll, despite having a great title, earns itself a grand total of ZERO manling skulls outta a possible four manling skulls!

[0] = According to Wikipedia, John Holmes contracted HIV in February of 1986 and told no one. After being black-listed in the U.S. for infecting both male and female co-stars Holmes went on acting in Italian made porn before dying March 13th 1988 at the age of 43.

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