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November 1, 2010

Flicks: The Mutations (1974)

The 70's really knew how to give good trailer.

The Mutations (aka Freak Maker) stars Tom Baker (the best of the classic Dr. Who) and Donald Pleasence (Dr. Loomis from the original Halloween movies) in a 70's era sideshow story. Former Beatles assistant, model and actress Julie Ege stars as the very lovely redhead, Hedi.

Mutations features many of Hollywood's 10-in-1 performers from the latter days of traveling shows but mainly relies on genre awareness including Tod Browning's excellent Freaks (1933) or later with Drive In Massacre (1976) featuring former circus performers killing patrons of a drive-in built on old circus grounds.

Baker, in an a attempt to stretch his acting chops from a lovable erratic genius and all around cheeky Jelly-Baby munching doofus turns in the same kind of role that killed his acting career in motion pictures beginning with Sinbad's Golden Voyage.

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The Mutations are available at:

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Ashton Lamont said...

lovely stuff.....'b' movies don't watch us in the UK unfortunately but that's prolly cos we don't have a film industry anymore.