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November 11, 2010

Flicks: Schizoid (1980)

Dear Stabby, when will I ever meet the man of my screams?

Klaus Kinski starred in a number of horror films as sort of a high end "A" film actor for low end "B" flicks. Kinski, born in Berlin in 1929, was drafted into the WWII Wehrmacht in 1944 soon after taken POW in the Netherlands. After the war, Kinski appeared in dozens of Italian giallos and cheaply made European slasher flicks such as Venom (1982)[0], Asylum Erotica (1971) and Schizoid (1980).

Klaus Kinski in Schizoid.Schizoid (aka Murder By Mail) co-stars Christopher Lloyd (Doc from Back To The Future) and the beautiful Marianna Hill (Messiah Of Evil) as Julie. Julie, a Dear Abby type of newspaper columnist, finds herself the center of obsession for a mysterious serial stabber (Dear Stabby?) who spends the movie dicing up the female members of Julie's therapy group. Suspicion immediately falls on head Headshrinker Kinksi as Pieter. Zaniness and big freak-outs ensue. Roll credits!

[0] = Another "A" actor turned B-movie hero Oliver Reed costars in Venom (1980).

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