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November 12, 2010

Flicks: Humongous (1982)

That's Mr. H-U-M-O-N-G-O-U-S to you.

Big Foot + Big Screen = Big Bucks - that's the right stuff! Big Foot, that mischievous arboreal ape-man, has made numerous appearances on the big screen from the infamous, underground Geek (1971) to the mainstream Hairy And The Hendersons (1987). Add to that proud list: Humongous (1982). The Canadian made film was shot in 1 month in August of 1981 and merrily crosses the genres of Rape-Revenge and Sasquatch-On-The-Rampage in a mostly unpleasant to watch combination of badly lit scenes, early melodrama and grossly under-acted roles.

A woman's drunken rape leads to the birth of a hideous "It's Alive!" styled creature who grows up to be grudgefull super-mutant on an isolated island. Brain dead yuppies soon arrive by yacht on Humongous's island. One by one the yuppies are hunted down by the noble, loping gigantor. Things go extremely well for the blood-thirsty yeti (♥!) until poor old Humongous falls prey to the pyrotechnic wiles of the arch-typical Lone Female Survivor.

Humongous director Paul Lynch later went onto direct Star Trek: TNG episodes and has recently directed Sci-Fi channel productions including Savage Planet. Ida's son/Humongous, the 7" 1' tall Garry Robbins, went on to feature as a heavy more films including In The Mouth Of Madness (1995) and Wrong Turn (2003).

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