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- David Cronenberg

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December 2, 2010

Flicks: Mutants Of The Apocalypse (2010)

A campy tale of mutants, Nazis and Mr. Gunther Gritt part-time zombie exterminator - full-time badass.

Tonight's presentation is a complete film from the 2010 48 Hour Film entry from Providence, Rhode Island. The short, embedded above, is a quickly shot satire of exploitation film concerning "freaky" mutants with surprisingly good make-up for an indie film, actors giving good performances as goose-steppin' Nazis and one Mr. Gunther Gritt part-time zombie exterminator and full-time bad ass.

Mutants Of The Apocalypse (2010)
They Saved Hitler's Brain ... again!

The short is very well written. It features such classic lines including: "Now iz de time for das Mutants!", "You think you can stop me? I'm Adolph F'king Hitler!", "I'm world famous - in Cuba...", "They shot Freaky Russell!" and who can forget - "Release the uber-schnitzel!"

Enjoy this tribute to exploitation cinema and have a Happy X-Mess, scaleless manlings.

Cinemacide, Mutants Of The Apocalypse
Scorpio Films, Release: Atomic Brain Invasion! December 4th 2010
Sleaze Blender, They Saved Hitler's Brain

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