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December 1, 2010

Flicks: Blood Beach (1980)

The high tide for Jaws clones began in 1980 with Blood Beach.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water - you got innards all over the place. Add a few hungry, sandy suckholes and whattaya get? Blood Beach (1980), a classic!

See, the sunny LA beaches are a tough beat for a cop, played by Burt Young (Big Fat Paulie from Rocky). The Chicago born LA transplant Sgt. Royko meets all kinds on the beach. Bums, broads, babies, bimbos, hippies and - a bloodthirsty mutant plant? Well, I guess they got summa dose in Chicago, too.

Blood Beach (1980)
Paulie discovers a series of mysterious plot holes in Blood Beach (1980).

Blood Beach also features John Saxon (A Nightmare On Elm Street and Enter The Dragon) as Police Capt. Pearson and the ever saucy Marianna Hill (Dead People, Star Trek TOS) in this campy Jaws clone from Skid Row. Director Jeff Bloom went onto write for tv detective shows such as Columbo in Columbo Goes To College. Blood Beach receives: one manling skull outta a possible four manling skulls.

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