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March 30, 2011

Flicks: Dinosaurus! (1960)

Outside capitalistic America, dinosaur makes you extinct!

In an unlikely precursor to Jurassic Park, two perfectly preserved dinos are dredged outta the Caribbean Ocean near St. Croix by an engineering crew only to have a freak lightning bolt Frankenstein up the beasties. The dinos are inexplicably joined by a uni-brow sporting Caveman named Dumpy (seriously) and spend the next 80 minutes being ridden, or alternately, chasing the cast around the small islands screamin'.

The picture stars Ward Ramsey, Paul Lukather and Kristina Hanson - Hanson reportedly quit acting shortly afterwards (who can blame her?) to become a 6th grade teacher in California. Paul Lukather, however, went on to enjoy a long and lucrative career that's lasted to this day having appeared in 77 film roles including voice acting for Metal Gear: Sons Of Liberty (2001), Pirates of Darkwater and three of the Blood Omen/Legend of Kain video games.

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