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August 8, 2011

Flicks: Cannibal Women (1989)

The Heart of Darkness in bikinis? I only have one thing to say ... GREENLIGHT!

Perennial softcore actress Shannon Tweed known for her work in the dicey "erotic thriller" genre and tv comedian Bill Maher star in this Romancing The Stone parody with some pretty pointy teeth. Bill Maher, today, is a well known political and social satirist with his hit show Real Time on HBO. Maher's shows, dating back to Politically Incorrect on ABC, have earned 26 Emmy Award nominations and zero wins[0].

Adrienne Barbeau (who was still Mrs. John Carpenter in '89) makes a few cameo appearances as "Dr. Kurtz" as Maher and Tweed bumble their way through fierce tribes of Pirahna Women and deep into the Avacado Jungle of Death ... aka, the avocado groves at University of California at Riverside (UCR)!

[0] = According to the L.A. Times Politically Incorrect and Real Time w/Bill Maher have received 26 total Emmy Nominations, including best Writing and Host, yet neither have won, in any category, as of 2011. Maher is competing with John Stewart but losing to Jay Leno.

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