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- David Cronenberg

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September 25, 2011

Flicks: The Horde (2011)

Another typical cops, robbers and .... zombie movie? WHA-A-A ?!?

IFC distributes this French tale of a crooked cops on a mission to assassinate some petty thugs when things take a sudden left turn due to an uptick in the population of peckish zomboids. No, no not the "Pip-Pip" and Cheery-o!" variety of toothy, good-natured English gentle-zombie or the erudite French city dweller - but the groaning, decomposing, rabid sacks of protoplasm who are indeed a bit peckish for human brains.

Gritty, urban centered Snatch/Guy Ritchie styled action sequences, 28 Days Later styled "fast" zombies and "real time" storytelling dominate the flick, which isn't exactly a bad thing. Great use of squibs for the shooting sequences, creative hand-to-hand fights against zombies, grimy stage dressing and a bloody, humorless tone make The Horde an interesting ride through the ever-expanding catalog of worldwide zombie films.

IMDB, The Horde (2011)
The Independent Film Channel, The Horde

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1 comment:

Kev D. said...

As far as cookie cutter zombie movies go, this one was pretty solid.