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- David Cronenberg

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October 10, 2011

Flicks: Roid Rage (2011)

The ol' Chernobyl prostate exam takes on a life of it's own in Roid Rage!

In the spirit of Peter Jackson's early horror work (Dead Alive and the classic Brain Dead for which he is NOT credited at IMDB) and Lloyd Kaufman's unique combination of horror and comedy Roid Rage (2011) director Ryan Lightbourn presents the ol' Chernobyl prostate exam taking on a life of it's own.

The site for Roid Rage states the film is the story of "a simple man who lived a simple life, until a genetic mutation sent his world spiraling out of control. Now, being hunted by the men responsible for his deformity Sammy must fight back with his unique abilities in order to survive. Those unique abilities include the giant killer hemorrhoid growing out of his ass."

This trailer will be distributed along with Charles Band’s Full Moon Pictures latest film “Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt” which goes on sale October 18th at Full Moon Direct.com and in selected DVD retail stores.

Roid Rage Movie, Ragin' On The Stagin'
Ryan Lightbourn, Director and D.P.
Wikipedia, Braindead (film)

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