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- David Cronenberg

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November 23, 2011

Flicks: Zone 261 (2012)

In Sweden, zombies are not only better organized but better looking too. Z.I.L.F. out, pathetic hu-mons!

Z.I.L.F., an acronym suggestive of obscure pseudo-necrophilic practices or perhaps something much less interesting? For the purposes of Fredrik Hiller's (3d animated version of Beowolf and Psalm 21) Zone 261 - due out in American theaters in 2012 - the term serves next to no purpose.

In Zone 261, the military name a zombie infected town in southern Sweden, tensions between locals and immigrants grow. The isolated town is cordoned off by the Swedish army but the survivors are trapped inside the military blockade and must survive both immigrants and locals alike. The two sides unwillingly band together to fight against the murderous, infected zombie horde.

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Zone 261, Trailer
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