"I think of horror films as art, as films of confrontation."

- David Cronenberg

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December 1, 2011

The 12 Days Of Slash-Mess

Christmas at the Sleaze-A-Saurus home is a truly heartfelt event.

Yes small, insignificant manling - this blog is going 18+ this month. Reset your subscription accordingly if you dare. Beginning the 13TH DECEMBER this blog will officially contain "mature" not porngraphic content. Material will be featured that is not for kids or those under the age that the MPAA rating "R" admits to a regular type movie theater.

To celebrate the upgrade to boobs, gratuitous female nudity and adult themes among consenting heterosexual adults - this horror blog announces a start to the Slash-Mess season - a horror movie fan Christmas with 12 Days of B-movies beginning December 13th 2011.

Gather together masses of pathetic hu-mons! Gather together to celebrate the warmest of Slash-Mess sentiments in the traditional Slash-Mess custom by decking the halls with dangling intestines and viewing 12 classic B-Movies! Scary Slash-Mess to all!

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