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December 22, 2011

Slash-Mess Day 3: Chain Gang Women (1971)

Life sure is different on a chain gang - for one: there's a chain.

Despite the all-around awesome title this not a women-in-prison or "WIP" movie. In fact, there isn't a single women in the movie until damn near the halfway point of this awful hicksploitation film that was written by the late, great Lee Frost (writer of The Thing With Two Heads, director of Black Gestapo).

Chain Gang Women (1971) is basically Cool Hand Luke as shot by cornpone meth heads with a thing for poorly staged rape scenes. The first 30 minutes are set in a boring country prison with two hammy convicts that escape when the lone lard-ass sheriff guarding their group of dangerous convicts is attacked on said chain gang.

The two escapees are a classic odd couple with one being a model prisoner with a 6 month sentence for Marajuana named "Weed" and the other a desperate hyper-horny thug doing life for Rape and Murder, Coleman, played by Wes Bishop. The two take to the "Georgia" countryside (SoCal of course) and while on the lam they manage to stage a few awkward, but also grimy, grope fests with the only two unsuspecting hu-mon women in the entire film.

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