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December 21, 2011

Slash-Mess Day 4: The Black Gestapo (1975)

Ladies and Germs, the Sleaze-A-Saurus presents the worst blaxploitation movie - EVER.

A random mix of obscenities, dated 70's lingo and jive-ass turkeys permeate this truly awful blaxploitation gem from 1975. Chocked full of pointless nudity, poorly choreographed fight scenes, and multiple overdubs of Hitler-era Germany The Black Gestapo (aka Ghetto Warriors) was made to scare the Jesus out of middle America by cashing in on it's fears of the honorable Black Panther Party that felt like it was at war with the world but actually did not pose any serious threat to it.

Former L.A. Rams Cornerback (1976-1981) Rob Perry (S.W.A.T. The TV Series, Black Godfather) stars as General Ahmed who started an inner-city People's Army to try and relieve the misery of the citizens of Watts. And if any place on God's green Earth needed relief it was Watts. His co-star, Charles Robinson is better known as Mac Robinson from Night Court.

The Black Gestapo was made by the late great Lee Frost who also wrote The Thing With Two Heads (1972) starring Ray Miland (Lost Weekend, X The Man With X-Ray Eyes) and Rosy Grier as a pretty unlikely surgically combined murder-machine, Mondo Bizarro (1966), Chain Gang Girls (1971) and directed the cult classic The Defilers in 1965!

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