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February 14, 2012

Flicks: Valentine (2001)

The lost art of the shocker film trailer returns - unexpectedly!

Denise Richards, star of Valentine (2001), is hot in that All American Girl way. All physically over-developed and squeezed into her faded denim jeans like she poured her soft, pillowy yet tone buns in them on a sunny summer afternoon. That kind of hot.

Adapted in the typical "fast-and-loose" Hollyweird style from the best-selling first novel by Tom Savage and directed by Jimmie Blanks (Urban Legend (1998) and Machete Maidens Unleashed (2010)) the film struggles to find the creepy connection between five former preppie hu-mon females who all receive bizarre Valentine's Day cards from a mysterious psycho.

Little do they know (or remember apparently) that the Melvin they each melvined at a Valentine's Day high school dance in 1988 has returned with a evil looking mask and a gleeful hankering for yuppie blood in 2001! Not such a great movie but based on a good book!

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