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March 2, 2012

Flicks: Death Machines (1976)

In futuristic 1976 America robot programs you - TO DIE!

In Death Machines, a mysterious Asian "Dragon Lady" injects three martial artists with a even more mysterious serum that turns them into robot-like assassins. The Japanese actress (one-time day-player Mari Honjo) was unable to speak English very well at the time. That combined with the fact she read all her lines (in English) from a cue card made for some rather entertaining cinema.

It gets even more fun. The three pseudo-mechanical killers, credited as White Death Machine (Ronald L. Marchini), Black Death Machine (Joshua Johnson) and Asian Death Machine (Michael Chong), go about assassinating strangers with brutal efficiency using trucks, bull-dozers and even a frickin' bazooka. Yes, a frickin' bazooka.

The stunts and action shots are actually very intense - the movie's only real credit to the Second Unit led by director Paul Kyriazi who went on to give the world such gems as Ninja Busters (1984) and Richard Pryor's One Way Out (1986).

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