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December 18, 2012

Slash-Mess Day Six: Fire And Ice (1983)

The creator of the first X-rated cartoon and the master of all comic arts create Fire And Ice (1983).

A cartoon on the 'Blender? And during the unholy holiday of Slash-Mess!?! WTF... Unprecedented! But, yes, it is true O scale-less manlings. The Sleaze-A-Saurus has an unquestionable rationale for posting Fire and Ice (1983)... Two of 'em actually. Two 1970's era art masters.

First, may I present to you, Mr. Ralph Bakshi. Bakshi is the infamous director and animator of underground classics including Heavy Metal, Wizards and the world first X-rated cartoon, Fritz The Cat. His work was at once breath-taking in it's artistry and also disturbing due to the heavy amounts of brutal inhuman violence, nudity and an obvious irreverence for Establishment thought.

Bakshi's leadership and vision is emblematic of the creator driven, original approach that has shaped so much entertainment today. In animation, The Simpsons and Ren and Stimpy are the result of one man's personal drive to realize an original idea. This is definitely not the case with mainstream animation as Disney and Warner Brothers idea is to create a uniform product with a broad appeal - a cookie cutter approach devoid of substance. It is an approach to animation that has dominated the entertainment industry for 100 years outside of indie or underground animation.

The second master artist involved in Fire and Ice was the late Mr. Frank Frazetta. Frazetta became a legend in his own lifetime for his brilliant work and prolific output. His art in comics, illustration and fine art is unparalelled. His attention to detail and ferocity of his subject matter has contributed to the art form. Frazetta's work raised comics and illustration up to a level not outside the scope of fine art.

Due to Frazetta's original, fine arts driven and action oriented approach to comics and art there are wave after wave of incredible artists working in the mainstream comics industry after he blazed a trail to prove that unusual and original work can find a broad following.

Please, scaleless manlings, enjoy the culmination of these two masters collaboration in... Fire and Ice!

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