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December 17, 2012

Slash-Mess Day Five: Warm Bodies (2013)

Rockers L7 predicted the zombie apocalypse and zombie parodies. I snack you not.

Rob Corddry and John Malkovitch co-star in Warm Bodies (2013) an excellent, original zombie parody due in theaters in February of 2013. This flick comes from an adaptation of Isaac Marion's novel of the same name, Warm Bodies. The book and movie both feature the central character "R" (as in "Arrrrr!") a self-aware zombie who falls in love with a human girl.

"R" played by Nicholas Hoult who played Beast in X-Men First Class (2011) and is also cast as Beast in the next X-Men movie, Days of Future Past due out in 2014, stars as the self-aware and conflicted zombie. Breaking with traditional lore "R"'s love for human woman may be the "cure" for zombies worldwide and not just a hunger pang. Love conquers all and that rot?

Nevertheless, Warm Bodies tears into the cheesy, incredibly bad genre of supernatural romances aimed at 'tweens, tools and spinsters such as the awful Twilight series and spoofs love, life, and eating brains.

This horror movie parody genre is an extremely exploitable genre with not enough notable entries. Shaun Of The Dead (2004) and The Bare Wench Project (1999) being the most popular and original takes on this all too serious genre.

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