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February 10, 2013

Flicks: Mulbury Project (2013)

The Zombie Apocalypse just got "real". As in real, real weird.

News for this upcoming film is extremely hard to find. But, this is no obstacle for your Ol Pal The Sleaze-A-Saurus. According to an article posted at IMDb, The Mulbury Project is a independent horror/sci-fi project that comes from the co-writers of Hitman Absolution, Micheal B. Jackson and Martin Brennan and their production company 23 Ten.

This film is directed by Irish film-maker Richie Smyth whose commercial work for Denver, Colorado based Futuristic Films has won both critical and commercial international awards for his stunning use of realism and social consciousness. Smyth has also directed two videos for U2, The Verve and The Corrs.

Smyth's first short film, a short and grisly black comedy called Hood Felt Hate (2005) premiered at the Galway Film Fest and went on to screen in Cork, London, and other festivals around the world. Slice (2007) was his first feature screenplay set in Ireland. Neither of these films are listed to his credit at IMDb.

The Mulbury Project has yet to announce a release date, a production schedule or a IMDb listing. More when there is more, people.

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