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February 5, 2013

Flicks: Spiders 3D (2013)

Giant space spiders, the universe's biggest threat to mankind OR misunderstood arthropod? Think about it.

Spiders 3D (2013) stars Patrick Muldoon, a dead-ringer for A-lister Jason Patric (Sleepers, Rush), in his return to another Tibor Takács (I, Madman, Mega Snake) sci-fi horror film. Muldoon previously worked with Takács in the bone-chilling Ice Spiders (2007). This new spiders film features a much larger effects budget with some very impressive CG spiders. animated by an army of very talented visual effects artists including Ryan Markley (Expendables and the new Conan) plus lead SFX artists Orlin Budinov, Ivo Jivkov and Georgie Karadjov.

The delectable Christa Campbell co-stars in the film. Campbell made a ridiculous amount of Erotic Confessions episodes for Cinemax in the late 1990's and ended up breaking out of simul-sex/softcore by portraying a young Bettie Page in an episode of The E! True Hollywood Story. After that she began picking up roles in horror films like Friday The 13th 2+3 director Steve Miner's remake of Romero's Day Of The Dead (2008).

This film is flying under the radar in terms of a "direct-to-video" release. According to the movie's Facebook it is set to be released on Direct TV and Comcast this Friday February 8th 2013. According to the same page Spiders 3D also has a TBA theatrical release. Details are a little sketchy, however, Amazon has a DVD release of this film set for March 12th 2013.

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