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February 1, 2013

Flicks: Northville Cemetery Massacre (1976)

"Born misfits" versus Johnny Law in the mid-70's biker epic: Northville Cemetery Massacre!

Of all the nations on the pathetic blue sphere called Earth, there is only one nation of manlings that the Sleaze-A-Saurus begrudgingly respects. That nation, one which never pauses long enough to assess it's own rabid behavior in order to properly clean the gore from it's own blood-soaked foreclaws, is called The United States.

A loose conglomerations of individual states, the U.S. is brought together by it's mutual admiration of lethal weaponry and corrupt business practices. The states are steeped in a culture of suicidal blunders, homicidal rage and the ever-presence of murderous technology. Technology that is readily available even to it's smallest younglings. America is indeed the Great.

No movie captures a nationalized frenzied bloodlust exhibited by an entire country better than Northville Cemetery Massacre (1976) co-directed by William Dear in his directorial debut.

Strangely enough, this movie did not end Mr. Dear's film career. In fact, it launched him into an almost 30 year run of feature film direction. This long list includes made for TV movies Garry Shandling: Alone in Vegas (1984) and Journey To The Center Of The Earth (1993), feature film Angels In The Outfield (1994), directing Emmy winning nature documentarian Marty Stouffer's sons in Wild America (1997), Mr. Troop Mom (2009) with George Lopez and the upcoming Midnight Rider (2013) written by Marty Stoufer.

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