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May 5, 2013

Flicks: Chopping Mall (1986)

In the exciting, go-get-'em, futuristic world of 1986 America evil robots run amok!

My puny hu-mon translator has been very "stressed, Bro". He insists that his meager tasks are so much that he has not been able to keep up with transcribing my evil will onto the blog reading universe. Try exterminating the population of a large island nation, pathetic hu-mon! That is a difficult task, indeed.

Now, to the next frightful feature on the Sleaze Blender: Chopping Mall (1986) a classic nugget of consumer culture which takes place in the temple of capitalism - the North American shopping mall.

Roger Corman's daughter Julie Corman produces this American International picture, originally entitled Killbots. In it the World's Oldest Teenagers making time in a top of the line mall in idyllic Beverly Hills at the apex of the the 80's. Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator and From Beyond) and Kelli Maroney (Night Of The Comet) star beside Corman mascot Dick Miller (Gremlins, Premature Burial) who is playing "Walter Paisely" the same name of the character Miller played 30 years prior in 1959 in the lead role from Bucket Of Blood.

To sum up one hour and 20 minutes: this is a film with all too much shopping and not enough chopping.

For a Corman formula flick that usually relies on titillation in order to draw in an audience there are precious few tits. Whether this is a reflection of contemporary culture or censorship it's hard to say definitively. The "rampaging robots" which look suspiciously like over-sized remote controlled 4x4 trucks with the robot from Rocky II's head mounted on top of them - are armed with sleep darts and "lasers" for the purpose of preventing "teens" from indulging in sexual congress. Thankfully, the Killbots manage to exterminate nearly all of the sweaty hu-mon yuppoids before the titles roll.

A really awful film. Even for Corman. But it features actors from previous horror films in bit roles like Julian Burton, the poet from Bucket of Blood (1959), and Mary Woronov better known as Calamity Jane from Death Race 2000 (1975), Miss Evelyn Togar from The Ramones Rock 'N Roll High School (1979) and her role as a driver in Cannonball! (1976).

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