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- David Cronenberg

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December 24, 2012

Slash-Mess Day Twelve: The Taint (2010)

We reach the critical mass of Slash-Mess with a brilliant Australian entry, The Taint (2012).

What if Lloyd Kaufman (Toxic Avenger, Poultrygeist) directed Cabin Fever (2002)? What if Shaun Of The Dead (2006) was directed by a misogynistic, survival horror fan like Tobe Hooper (original Texas Chainsaw Massacre)? What if the The Driller Killer (1976) had a large cast and a disturbing sense of humor? What if H.G. Lewis shot Gruesome Twosome (1967) with a respectably sized crowd-funded budget in 2010?

These burning questions and more are all answered the full-throttle, Richmond, VA. made hu-mon apocalypse movie, The Taint (2010) the final film of this unholy holiday of Slash-Mess.

Critics hate it. The people love it. It's everything that is right with horror movies and it's fun. The shocking use of special effects and practicals remind you that you are watching a horror movie and not groan-mantic comedy dressed up as a horror film like Twilight or the even less watchable True Blood series on cable television.

The score is solid cheese, aged since the 1980's when it was created by Kraftwerk, and given new life today like a aerobics class full of zombies being led by a badly decomposed and upbeat Richard Simmons. It's Shaun Of The Dead with bigger balls and less coherence. Your ol' pal The Sleaze-A-Saurus highly recommends this film and rates it with four outta a possible four manling skulls.

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