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June 1, 2011

Flicks: They Call Her One-Eye (1974)

Rape-Revenge genre features both sides of the curious manling's fantasy life. Not terribly complicated creatures are you?

They Call Her One-Eye, the US cut of Thriller – A Cruel Picture, was originally a Swedish rape-revenge film starring Christina Lindberg as Frigga. Lindberg's acting resume is deceptively short but includes co-starring with Japanese beauty Reiko Ike in the amazing The Sex and The Fury (1973).

In They Call Her One Eye, Lindberg's character, Frigga, is introduced as a young girl who was rendered mute during a childhood sexual assault. After spending years on her family's secluded farm she finds herself, as a teenager in the city, Frigga is friggin' raped again.

Christina Lindberg sez adios to an old pal - with lead.
Frigga (Christina Lindberg) sez adios to an old pal - with lead.

This time, she's attacked Tony a shabby lookin' pimp (portrayed by Heinz Hopf) who decides it would be the bee's knees if he digs out her left eye with a rusty X-acto knife. Which he does in a great 1st person POV shot that can only be the result of 60's and 70's experimental film-making.

A One-Eyed Lindberg soon finds herself kidnapped by Tony the Pimp, addicted to junk and forced into sexual slavery as a prostitute. At this point, any other gal woulda gave in - but not Frigga. No friggin' way. After returning to her family's farm Frigga learnes her parents have committed suicide due to evil letters sent by Tony the Pimp and swears a cold-blooded vengeance upon her former captors. Frigga learns martial arts, race car driving and of course - the best in mid-1970's military weaponry.

Christina Lindberg kicks junk - then kicks ass.
Christina Lindberg kicks junk - then kicks ass.

Director Bo Arne Vibenius (who appears as a Hot Dog vendor in this flick) also made Breaking Point (1975) (credited as one Ron Silberman Jr.) an even more demented movie than this film. Vibenius's short directorial body of work includes a total of three films which have been called "psycho-pornographic thrillers".

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