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February 3, 2011

Flicks: Black Samson (1974)

Dontchu know, Jack? These streets is for jive-ass turkeys!

Director Chuck Bail unleashed two beautiful gems of blacksploitation onto an unsuspecting American public, both in the mid-70's: Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold and the Mafioso ass-whompin' Black Samson (1974). Black Samson stars small screen TV giant Rockne Tarkington vs. Vernon Wells (Commando (1985), Jack Palance Look-a-Like Contest Winner of 1986, and Wez from Mad Max 2).

What is not to love about the cat? According to the film, he's mean, clean and rules the scene. You manlings can't beat that, not with a giant stick. Or ... can you? See, Mr. Black Samson is a club wielding street vigilante who is "big with his cat" (a caged lion who prowls Samson's club - er bar), "big with his mama" played by the foxy hellcat Connie Strickland (Bummer (1973) and Centerfold Girls (1974)) and "big with his stick" which he uses to whomp the ever-lovin' Bejesus outta smack pushin' mobsters left and muthafuggin' right.

Damn straight.

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