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June 16, 2011

Flicks: The Manster (1962)

A tale of two cultures featuring a two-headed beastie w/a serious thang for the ladies.

Welcome to beautiful rural Japan! Home to lovely dark-eyed ladies, lush forests, evocative nightlife and - blood thirsty two-headed beasties?! So it goes in this United Artists "co-production" between Japanese and US production studios in a film that was originally released in Japan in 1959 and the US in 1962.

In the Manster, professional foreign news correspondent and part-time sucker Mr. Larry Stanford (Peter Dyneley voice of The Thunderbirds) finds himself an unwitting test subject for the nefarious, volcano dwelling Japanese scientist Dr. Suzuki's experiments in "eviloution". Unbeknownst to the the rube, Suzuki uses a mysterious serum to mutate Stanford into a murderous two-headed monster who sets about wrasslin' country girls, caustic secretaries and Buddhist monks.

In a scene from this film that was later re-enacted by Sam Raimi in Evil Dead III 40 years later ol' Stanford sprouts an eye from his shoulder that becomes a full on monkey head! A must see groan fest for innumerable reasons...

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